About LVEC

Lost Valley Education and Event Center is a non-profit 501(c)3 located in Dexter, Oregon, 30 minutes outside Eugene.  The center is host to an intentional community inspired by Sociocracy and guided by the avenues for achieving the mission of the non-profit.  The community is comprised of resident staff, other renters, and volunteers.  Since 1989, Lost Valley has been a place for experiential learning through participation in community development, formalized educational programs, and volunteer opportunities.

Our programs have included: Permaculture Design Certification, Gardening, Natural Building, Mushroom Research, festivals, benefits, meditation retreats, seminars, and concerts.  We are a unique retreat and conference facility offering two dormitories, multiple kitchens, sacred space indoor and out, woodsy trails, and a diverse eco-system.  Many of our events have an educational focus.

LVEC uses a permaculture approach of ecological design and restoration to care-take our beautiful 87 acres of gardens, meadows, forests, pond, creek, and trails located 18 miles southeast of Eugene.  LV inherited much of the existing infrastructure and seeks to make slow changes to the land with the goal of water, food, and planetary sustainability.  We seek funds for the development of a large-scale water catchment system for our metal roofing, as well as backing for off-grid composting toilets for the event center.

Thank you for your visit to this website.  We’re happy to host you.