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To Explore Joining Our Staff Community…

1.  Please review our website to learn a bit about who we are and what we do.  What sustainable living skills have you gained and how do you plan to share them?

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2. Visit Us! We require all prospective resident-staff to come for a visit and/or participate in a Visitor Tour + Community Meal as part of the application process.  You will need to try us on, and we have a need to meet you!   The lodging and duration of your stay is arranged between you and the Visitor Coordinator.

3.  You may submit a Rental Application and Core Questions.  If you need the application through email or other means, please email or call the office at (541)937-3351 x206 to request an application. The Site Manager will notify you when she receives the application.  Otherwise, pick up your hard-copy Rental Application and Core Questions during your visit by scheduling an appointment with the Site Manager while you’re here.

4. If the written application is approved and it feels like a good fit after your visit, the next step is to identify which type of housing is most appropriate for you.   If there is housing or a site available to you right away, you can meet the Site Manager to sign agreements and pay deposits.  The primary agreements are the CLA’s and a month-to-month lease agreement.  Upon signing these move-in documents, you are a “prospective resident” (the first phase of residency).  If no housing is available right away, your rental application is put on the Housing Queue so the Site Manager can call you when your favored type of housing opens up again.

Snowy Lodge5. Once you move in, you are assigned a volunteer “Guide” from the community who can answer additional questions you may have during your first couple weeks. We will announce your “Meet and Greet” lunch or dinner within a few days of move-in to give resident-staff a chance to learn more about you.

Winter Lodge6. Once you’ve lived with us for about 2 weeks, you are asked to appear for a Community Interview (also around a community meal).  Anyone from campus is welcome to appear for this interview and residents attending can compassionately discuss their experience living with you in an effort to assess mutual fitness.  Residents attending the interview are serving as members of a “Residential Approval Panel” (RAP) for your residency at Lost Valley.  On approval at this interview, you are considered a “provisional resident” which is the 2nd phase of residency.  Other possible outcomes include “delay” until a follow up interview or “deny.” The goal of this interview is to create space to assess if there’s a good fit for both the community and you.

7. At each interview, resident-staff may approve, delay or deny residency.  In the case of approval at the first interview, you’re a provisional resident with options for participating in a number of resident programs.  In the case of delay, compassionate feedback will be given regarding any concerns brought up at the interview and a follow-up interview will be planned in the specified period of time (usually 1 month later).  In the case of a denial, you will be given a reasonable amount of time to arrange new residence elsewhere.

8. If accepted as a provisional resident-staff, the next interview is conducted 3 months following initial move in. If accepted at this interview, you are considered a “resident-staff member.” Resident-staff have power of consent (basically voting rights) for community related decisions and at others’ provisional and resident interviews.

9. If accepted as a resident-staff, the next interview is conducted 12 months following initial move in. If accepted at this interview, you are considered a “member.” Members have power of consent (basically voting rights) for Board of Directors elections and at others’ member interviews, as well as additional potential opportunities for community involvement.

Fire Circle

Fire Circle

When there are more applicants than available housing or campsites, we will hold your place on the “Housing Queue” sometimes called a “Waiting List” using your Rental Application and Core Questions as a place-holder.  The Site Manager will notify you in the case of an opening that meets yours needs.

Sometimes an applicant or group is not a good fit and an application must be denied based on negative/insufficient references, unacceptable criminal history, or a number of basic screening guidelines put forth for lodging renting at Lost Valley. We observe Fair Housing laws for the state of Oregon.  Lost Valley is happy to reconsider your application in six months time, or welcome you as a student in a course or workshop!

Email or call the office at (541)937-3351 x206 to request an application.  If calling, enter the extension 206 any time after the prompt begins speaking.  Messages that go to other extensions may not be located in a timely fashion.  If you get to voicemail, please leave a message with a return phone number. Speak clearly and slowly and leave your number twice, please!

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