Join us September 21st from 10am-9pm for our 25th Anniversary Celebration.  Fun for the entire family.


Ananda College of Living Wisdom @ Lost Valley!

A yoga-based education on three continents.  Fall in Oregon, Winter in India, and Spring in Italy!  CLICK HERE!

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EarthQuest Learning Adventures

 A year-round unique camp experience for school groups, exploring all aspects of personal, social and environmental sustainability.

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Permaculture Immersion Internships

Gain real skills in Organic Gardening,  Natural Building,  Alternative Energy, and more, in an intentional community setting.

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Live In Community

Visit. Explore. Stay. Apply to live in community today.

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Lost Valley News

Our 25th Anniversary Celebration!

September 21st is our celebration of Earth Medicine, a 25th birthday celebration honoring ...

Our Sustainable Student Housing Crowdfunding Campaign

We have 25 years experience teaching sustainable living skills.  Help us improve ...

Visual tour of our community

Currently home to around 50 residents, we are ever evolving and growing,

Native Prairie Restoration Project

“We all go about our work in our “garden” inventing and reinventing ...

What Our Clients Say

If you would like to learn from folks who practice what they preach & teach from the heart, this is your crowd. Come to learn, stay for the friendship you’ll build.

– Munk

I came here as a student in hopes of finding change.  I found it. The community is driven by compassion and is dedicated to making a positive difference in our world by thinking globally and acting locally. I decided to stay as a volunteer in hopes of contributing, learning and growing.  And now I leave with the hopes that Lost Valley is a slightly better place than when I arrived – for I am certainly a better person. Thank you and much love to all the individuals that make Lost Valley so precious.


– Volunteer Program Participant

“My favorite thing was everything!”

- Montessori student

“The students have loved it, every minute of the classes, the food, the accommodations.  Everything has been really wonderful for them…The teachers were very calm and patient with the adolescents…they really approached with a lot of care, a lot of love, and a lot of experience in their craft…It was wonderful, absolutely wonderful.  I honestly can’t think of anything now that I would change.”

 -Montessori Teacher

I came here knowing I would learn and yes I am learning, even more than I knew I would. It is a wonderful environment, beautiful, lovingly safe and has most everything I could ask for.

– Past Community Resident

Community, for me, is coming home to a family of friends. It’s a diverse group of people that are supportive of each other in the good times and the not so good times. Basically, a large family. But the family you always wish you had. A family of friends.

– Community Resident
“We had an incredible stay, and the spirit of the community there was a perfect match for our group. Our group is already looking forward to doing this again next year.”
– Cris N. University of Oregon Consciousness and Meditation Retreat