Solar Energy Education for youth!

Our solar-energy grant is complete - now, we need your support to keep it on the road!

Holistic Sustainability Semester enrolling for fall 2016!

This 3-month program centers on learning about 5 layers of sustainability - personal, social, ecological, worldview, and economic, all while immersed in our aspiring ecovillage. It's training for real life!

Permaculture Design Course over 12 Weeks - Spring, Summer, Fall

Join our seasonal permaculture course covering the full 72-hour curriculum over 12 consecutive Wednesdays and earn your PDC! Learn More

New Scholarship System for Educational Programs

We're making it easier to learn at Lost Valley, through scholarships, work-trade, and payment plans. Click to donate or apply for financial aid.

Live In Community

Lost Valley is home to a diversity of resident-staff who choose to co-create their lives together. Visit. Explore. Stay. Apply to live in community today. Learn More

Life in Community

Being part of a community is integral to any sustainable way of living. Community can teach us to care for and respect one another, communicate compassionately, make decisions together, and to see our individual needs in the context of the whole, while also reducing resource use through sharing (rides, food, rent, materials, etc.).

At Lost Valley, our staff and students live together in apartments, cabins, yurts, or sites or Tiny Homes, offering their skills and connecting through community meals and activities. Everyday is an educational experience at Lost Valley!
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Host Your Educational Event Here

Located on an 87-acre nature sanctuary, our educational retreat facilities are nestled among tall Douglas firs, surrounded by gardens, orchards, and connected to walking trails through our meadow, forest, and alongside our creek.

Groups enjoy memorable experiences in our meadows, classrooms, our Sacred Yurt, outdoor kitchen, dorms, and lodge - kept warm with delicious, organic vegetarian meals. Book your next educational event, workshop, or retreat for an affordable price!
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Educational Programming

At Lost Valley, we educate youth and adults in the practical application of sustainable living skills. We take a holistic approach to sustainability education, engaging students in ecological, social, and spiritual growth.

Our Youth Learning Adventures, Holistic Sustainability Semesters, Permaculture Design Courses, Visitor Education Program, and other courses offer participants a unique hands-on learning experience within our aspiring Ecovillage. Inquire today about how you can advance your sustainable skill-set in 2015!
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