Outdoor School

Oregon has set itself ahead of other states by being the first to (partially) fund all 5th- or 6th-graders in the state to attend Outdoor School for a week.  This is excellent!  The more time in nature, especially with directed learning, the better for the future of the area.

With this boon comes the need for more host sites and curriculum providers.  Lost Valley can act as both:

Venue:  The property consists of 87 acres, including a large meadow ecosystem, creek, moderate-aged forest, and diverse young forest with hiking trails through it.  This is a natural place to learn about the natural world.  Useful buildings include dorms that house 60+, a commercial kitchen with indoor and outdoor seating, and 4 classrooms.  There are also 2 acres of gardens, a swimming hole (no swimming allowed, for liability reasons), 2 small ponds, camping opportunities, and our mobile solar education trailer (see separate page on this website about it).  Here is a state map of Outdoor School host sites, with Lost Valley on it.

Teaching:  Lost Valley can provide instruction for the week of Outdoor School, from experienced naturalists living nearby or onsite.  This is based on the state science standards for that grade, customized if home teachers desire.  Over time the curriculum subcommittee of Oregon State University Extension Service (link) will provide more concrete curriculum requirements.  Teaching can be provided by timed rotations through stations, but more preferably via outdoor educator trail groups that can explore the full property.

To inquire, please email programs@lostvalley.org.  Come for a site visit if you like, get a sense of what is possible, and a cost quote for submitting the state grant application.

Together we can connect more Oregon students to the amazing world around them!

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