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~Our calendar is kept as up-to-date as possible. If an activity requests a direct cost it will be noted in its posting with the preferred payment types suggested (ex: donation, trade, or a specific $ amount). Note that many activities happen spontaneously as people are inspired, so opting in to direct notifications while you’re visiting is helpful.

  • Most activities are private and open to staff, students, & guests only per any restrictions stated in each posting. If an activity is open to the public it will be stated in the title &/or description.
  • To attend a non-public activity or event posted on our calendar, please schedule a day or overnight visit by clicking HERE
  • Well-being activities and some resident-hosted activities are included in your day or overnight hosting charges.
  • All organizational meetings are open for observation at no additional cost
  • Other activities will have their own costs associated or will be open for donations or trades.
  • Resident Specialty Services like yoga classes, massages, EFT, and etc…are not listed and have their own costs associated.

Thank you!

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