Financial Aid


Lost Valley is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We wish all our courses to be affordable for everyone, including people with limited monetary resources. Still, there are those who passionately wish to study sustainability but need financial assistance. That is where these options come in! If you are having difficulty affording our tuition, you can pursue the following:


Explore different course offerings

The shorter the course, the less the expense.  This is also true for commuting as opposed to having room & board expenses as a residential student.  For example, the Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course on Wednesdays is more affordable than the full Holistic Sustainability Semester — $800 instead of $4000+.


Your local community

Students may be able to obtain financial assistance (grants, donations, sponsorship) from their local colleges, businesses and community. Be creative and create a support network!


Extended Payment Plan

The Extended Payment Plan is a legally binding promissory note whereby the participant pays the total of the tuition in accordance with an agreed-upon payment schedule. The Extended Payment Plan requires the participant to pay half of the total course tuition beforehand, and the remainder after the course in two installments, 25% of it every 2 months. This results in a payment schedule that allows the course fee to be paid over a long  span, including 4 months afterward, which may suit a student with consistent income but not enough money to pay for the entire course before it begins.

This offering is subject to availability. If you are interested in utilizing it, contact or 541-937-3351 x202.


Scholarships and Work-trade

Lost Valley’s educational scholarship system exists to allow more students to experience our programs than might otherwise be able to, making finances less of a deterrent. This is beneficial to the students themselves, the people & organizations they serve in the future with their increased knowledge and experience, and Lost Valley because we can take in more students and therefore carry out our mission further.

For prospective donors:  Donations may be earmarked for specific programs, but we discourage this because it makes the funds less flexible.  They are fully tax-deductible, and we can furnish you with a donation letter with the needed details.  With your donation, please include a phone number and email address for us to maintain communication, and mailing address in the event that recipients would like to thank you at the completion of their program.

For prospective students:  Scholarships are for educational programming put on by LVEC itself (as opposed to events renting facilities), namely the Holistic Sustainability Semester, Permaculture Design Certificate course, and EarthQuest. Scholarships are awarded based on need, and are available when there are sufficient funds in hand from donations. The maximum amount covered by a scholarship is 50% of the program expense — this allows the fund to help more students, and requires a strong commitment from the student (as opposed to a full free ride). Please answer the relevant questions below in an email to, in addition to the application process for the particular program.

Work-trade is available on a case-by-case basis.  This depends on current volunteers on site, the needs of a given course or time of year, roles that Lost Valley would need to pay for anyway, and the skills of the individual applying.  Please answer the relevant questions below in an email to, in addition to the application process for the particular program.

Application questions:

  1. Name, address, email, and phone number.
  2. What program and dates is this application for?
  3. What is the full price for that program?
  4. Of that, how much can you comfortably pay?
  5. In addition to that, how much can you reasonably raise from family, friends, university programs, etc. before the start date?
  6. Have you looked at the Extended Payment Plan? Why does that work or not work for you?
  7. Why do you consider yourself worthy of scholarship/work-trade?  What are your reasons for applying?
  8. What do you plan to do with the knowledge and experience you gain here?
  9. Have you earned financial aid before? If so, what did you do with the new knowledge afterward?
  10. What specific work-trade skills can you offer LVEC? Feel free to be creative – include experience in each of them, as well as specific tasks you are unable to do.
  11. What is your availability for offering your work-trade? Please note that classes are very time-intensive, so contributing your time and skills prior to beginning a course is ideal.
  12. Are you willing to write a thank-you letter to donor(s) at the end of the program?

For 2017 programs, scholarship applications will be assessed and decisions made 2.5 months before the program start date — i.e. December 15th for the spring semester, March 15 for the summer semester, and June 15 for the fall semester.  All applicants will be responded to directly.  If you ever don’t hear back in a reasonable amount of time, feel free to nudge.


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