Dance and Movement Arts


Join us the First Saturday of every month for an ecstatic dance, ceremony, potluck, wood-fired sauna and hot tub, and even stay overnight.  It is a monthly celebration of community and creativity.  Most dances are held in the Lodge or on the grass next to it, but in the summer they are done in our big meadow, with extra nearby features such as geodesic dome, trampoline, solar cookers, and powered by our solar trailer.

Information about the next upcoming dance is best found the Lost Valley facebook page (here).

Ecstatic Dance

Ecstatic dance in meadow

Also, we host occasional Hartspace events, consisting of dance, live music, singing, workshops, nature, creativity, and healing. Together we foster community through collaborating, learning, playing, and living.  The first Hartspace retreat at Lost Valley was in May 2017 (Friday-Monday), organized by LV resident Paul Deering.  It featured live music from Phos4escence, Temple Under the Stars, Laura Kemp, Deva Priyo, Arcismati A~Morpheus, Sol Birds, and Gabriel Surley.  More information on that event is available here on the Hartspace website.

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