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Cooking Program Enrollment Form

Cooking Program is one of our 3 Resident Programs

The community’s Cooking Program (CCP), as part of the Lodge Dining Program, is a voluntary educational program which provides an opportunity to participate in the creation of delicious and nourishing meals for the residents, guests and visitors of Lost Valley.

Tasks include meal planning, meal preparation, serving, properly storing leftovers and cleaning the Lodge kitchen & dining room following meals. While there are some basic guidelines to follow, this program allows a lot of flexibility and room to learn about nutrition, meal preparation techniques, cooking methods, and more.

Participation in the Cooking Program merits a credit toward your Lodge Dining Program Meal Plan, and is available only to individuals enrolled in at least the Half or Full Meal Plan options.

While many people are interested in participating in the Cooking Program, there are a limited number of shifts available. Participation is a privilege to be sought and earned, not a right to be granted automatically. Lost Valley reserves the right to accept or decline participation of ANY individual in the Cooking Program at ANY point.

In the interest of fairness, full cook & clean shifts will be preferentially reserved for participants in the Full Meal Plan (FMP), while those on the Half Meal Plan (HMP) may be limited to a half (cook or clean) shift. Minimum Meal Plan participants are generally not eligible to participate in the CCP for a credit.

Those failing to adequately perform the responsibilities associated with the Community Cooking Program may be denied participation. Participation of some individuals may be prioritized based on organizational and/or individual needs.


Participants in the Cooking Program agree to:

  • Perform all tasks including meal planning, pre-prep (soaking beans sufficiently), cooking and meal prep, serving, food storage and clean up.

  • Submit a valid Oregon Food Handler’s Card no later than 30 days from enrollment in this program (to obtain an Oregon Food Handler’s Card, go to – cost is $10.)

  • Follow all sanitation guidelines, including proper handwashing procedures, and maintain facilities to Oregon Health Department standards

  • Properly care for all equipment and resources located in the Lodge kitchen and leave in the kitchen for future use

  • Follow all posted guidelines, including cook & clean shift checklists, sanitary guidelines, special duties by shift & allergy/food preferences, and using serving labels (ex. gluten, dairy, ginger) when appropriate

  • Perform sufficient meal planning and preparation to ensure serving promptly at specified meal times

  • Arrange for shift coverage or notify the Kitchen Coordinator immediately in the event of a shift conflict or illness

  • Provide nutritional, properly prepared and delicious meals to the best of your ability

  • Accept that if you fail to complete associated responsibilities, you may be issued a warning and/or fail to earn the full discount for the month

  • Understand that shifts and associated discounts may not be available; full shifts will be preferentially reserved for FMP participants, while HMP participants may be limited to a half shift; cook shifts for a discount are not available to MMP participants

  • Demonstrate care for the Lodge kitchen, dining room & community in fulfilling these responsibilities

Please indicate which Cooking Program option you would like to enroll in:

_______ Full Shift – one cook AND clean shift (estimated 5 hours) per week – $100 credit toward cost of Meal Plan


_______ Half Shift – one cook OR clean shift (estimated 2.5 hours) per week – $50 credit toward cost of Meal Plan

What is your experience with cooking and food prep? Cooking for large groups? Vegetarian cooking?






Please tell us some of the reasons you are applying for this program:






Are there particular shifts you prefer or currently cannot accept?







Cooking with and for this active community is a fun, educational and rewarding experience! Thank you for your participation in this program and for fueling the engines (i.e. people) that keep Lost Valley running!


I have read and accept all terms outlined in this document:



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