Conferences and Festivals

Leadership conferences and small festivals have access to vast amounts of outdoor space and can rent multiple rooms for breaking into smaller groups.  Group leaders who are interested in long-term stays may inquire about over-sized outdoor tenting. We also offer sound system rentals at affordable costs. Check out our different facilities in more detail HERE.

Our 88 acres of Doug Fir forests offer several hiking trails for quiet reflection. “Green” groups have often made lasting friendships with the residents of our eco-village. We are at work on several different sustainability projects including an earthen wall remodeling of our large dormitory and permaculture perennial nursery. We also have four acres of orchards and veggies!

In months with nicer weather, we can accommodate groups of up to 300. During the winter, we can house between 40 – 60, depending on lodging availability. You can find our lodging and camping rates HERE. We also cater to smaller groups as well.

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