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Being part of community is integral to any sustainable way of living. Whether your current community is three friends or three thousand strangers, communities can teach us important life lessons.  They can teach us to care for and respect one another, communicate compassionately, make decisions together, and to see our individual needs in the context of the whole. They can also reduce resource use through sharing rides, food, living space, tools, materials and more .  At Meadowsong Ecovillage, our resident-staff live together in apartments, cabins, dorm rooms, yurts, or campsites, and connect with each other through community meals and activities.

Meadowsong is home to a diversity of resident-staff who choose to co-create their lives together because they understand the importance of responsible living in our world today, on an ecological, cultural, and spiritual level.  Our interest in living our dreams and educating others naturally flows from this awareness.  As a community, we are working to further develop our ability create healthier, more mature relationships through our similarities and our differences.  All our staff are educators – but they are also visionaries, artists, activists, gardeners, kids, parents, elders and more.  All of us are here to serve in ways that honor our authentic gifts.   What are yours?

Are you an Educator?  Meadowsong could be the place to share your knowledge of sustainable living with the world.

Are you an Eco-Entrepreneur?  Meadowsong could be the place to share your passion with our resident apprentices, or collaborate with other resident-staff on-site.

Are you a “Cultural Creative“?  Have you gained practical skills, grown your capacity for compassion, cultivated a vibrant inner life, developed innovative ideas?  You could be an asset to Meadowsong – at home alongside other creative resident-staff who are determined to make the world a better place.

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Meadowsong Ecovillage is the self-given name of the community of about 40-50 resident-staff that live at 81868 Lost Valley Ln. year round.   We are part of Lost Valley Center 501(c)3 which owns the land and provides educational programs and event rentals.  We range from ages 1 to 70 and all play various roles.  We are all teachers (and life-long learners) co-creating this educational village together.  Seasonally, our population ebbs and flows with the stream of short-term volunteers, interns, students, and event participants.

We are not governed by religion or politics. We have no leader or guru. We are an community that deliberately gathers around a set of collective understandings and interests.  While every resident-staff member is drawn to the land for a slightly different reason, there are aspects that all of us hold in common in our hearts:

1) a deep care for the value of life on this planet – from which the desire to serve arises,

2) a willingness to explore and venture upon a more benign and holistic life-path,

3) an interest in understanding and creating the essence of family, tribe, and partnership, and

4) a dedication to personal growth, healing, transformation, and/or spiritual understanding.

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We are not organized in opposition to or against any particular ideal, so much as we are working towards the emergence of something new.  We are all working together to co-create a kind, service-oriented, inter generational community that works to become conscious of our impacts on each other and our environment, and therefore ourselves and our collective future. We take care of our shared life together through participation in community roles (which we call “HIVE” roles), which include governance, new resident-staff intake, health and safety, trail clearing, landscaping, cleaning and beautifying, and much more.   We are all required to teach and share with resident students and guests.  Many of us also participate in meal prep and communal dining through our Meal Plan program.    We also share our lodge, kitchens, bathhouses, dorms, classrooms, nature trails, sauna, hot tub, swimming hole and other resources with our students and guests.  All residents abide by the Community Living Agreements.

 See info on this website About Living Here.

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