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An important first step is getting to know us. You can do this by exploring this site in depth, contacting us to learn more and arranging a visit to Lost Valley.


Lost Valley is home to about 50 resident-staff that span the ages from infants to elders.  All staff are educators.  Most resident-staff have independent finances and all fill some or many roles in community life here.  We are opening our doors to new long-term resident-staff with a shared vision for our collective future.

Staff Housing…

Lost Valley Cabin

Cabin Housing

Lost Valley has a variety of lodging options for the resident-staff who live here. Our “Solplex” is an apartment style building with 1, 2 & 3 bedroom units that include full bathrooms and kitchens. We also have many cedar-shake cabins tucked in the woods. Cabins range from small rooms to larger spaces with lofts and a couple include amenities, such as a kitchen or bathroom. Most cabin dwellers use shared kitchen and bathroom facilities available nearby. We also have a few yurts, tiny homes, RV sites with hook-ups, dormitories and camping sites. All resident-staff pay rent for lodging and rates vary depending on dwelling type, size and/or amenities.

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Costs of Living Here…

The resident-staff of Lost Valley do pay costs associated with living here for things like rent, communal dining, site use and/or vehicle storage fees.  Consistent, paid employment opportunities are limited, so most resident-staff need to supplement their living through other means.  Some earn extra money by commuting to jobs in Eugene (about a 25 minute drive from here), while others work remotely online.

Residency & membership process…

Beautiful Garden at Lost Valley


There is an application and thorough review process for becoming a resident-staff member. We want to ensure that you are a good fit for our community and that our community is a good fit for you. What sustainable living skills have you gained and how do you plan to share them?


Highly Recommended Reading…

Finding Community: How to Join an Ecovillage or Intentional Community by Diana Leafe Christian
Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life or another book about NVC by Marshall Rosenberg
We the People: Consenting to a Deeper Democracy by John Buck and Sharon Villines – a book about Sociocracy, the model that informs Lost Valley’s governance methods

Community at Lost Valley

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