Solar Energy Education – on the road!


presents the Solar Roller!

Ridgeline top view


The “Solar Roller” is Lost Valley’s newest educational deployment for youth!  This mobile display is complete with engaging information, hands-on demonstrations, and delicious solar-cooked treats.  With your help, we can keep this valuable educational tool on the road!  For only $3/student, you can provide a unique solar energy experience for youth of any age!



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and support one young person’s introduction to renewable energy

The Solar Roller is also equipped with a 1800 watt solar array, 4400 watt inverter, andCottage Grove 2 4400 watt hrs. of battery storage.  It can easily power almost any outdoor educational event.   In addition, it carries 100 gallons of on-board water supply, WiFi internet, electronics charging station, emergency supplies, a hand-washing station, and more.   

Keep Solar Energy Education rolling! 

OCF solar roller
Solar Roller info board

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