Heart of Now Weekends

Far hither in the ’90s, two women began running a personal growth and interpersonal connection workshop called Naka Ima at Lost Valley.  It caught on, and was run here many times before departing for other pastures.  Some remaining residents began doing a permutation called Heart of Now.  This ran consistently one weekend every month for years, and it was considered a very connective time in Lost Valley’s history.  Eventually that too spun off to elsewhere.  These workshops are currently active in the Willamette Valley under the names Solsara, Sikoirëa, and Heart of Now.

Many people have dreamed of bringing Heart of Now back to Lost Valley.  Now we’re doing it!  The long-awaited return is happening.  There were four successful workshops in 2017 – see the photos here.  The first 2018 weekend will be February 9-11 (Fri-Sun).

Dianne Brause, who was a co-founder and 19-year resident of Lost Valley, says:

I truly believe that the techniques and skills learned through the Heart of Now workshops have helped our community survive and even thrive over the years. It gives us a shared language and commitment to honesty with self and others, which also fosters more intimacy and mutual support for our personal and spiritual growth path.

To learn more about Heart of Now or register for the weekend, visit the website here or email info@heartofnow.org.  Come be a part, for yourself and those around you!

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