We Are Looking For…

~We prefer that you have had experience living in community before but welcome all walks of life ~

– persons who are actively self-aware and mindful, who have cultivated a balanced and healthy relationship with their inner lives and the outer world.   We welcome beings who are committed to practicing wise thought, wise speech, and wise action towards themselves and others.lostvalley02

–  persons who are service-oriented.  We welcome beings who are committed to practicing generosity, kindness, and compassion towards themselves, others, and the discord in the world around us. 

– persons who are active participants in our community life.  We welcome beings who are willing to share themselves, their interests, their talents, their challenges, and their friendship, in an ongoing way.

– persons who have integrity and honor their agreements.  We welcome beings who are clear with their written and spoken word, who follow through with their commitments, and who align their values with their actions.  This may be expressed through a lease agreement (paying rent), a staff contract (honest work), or a volunteer agreement (service learning).   We are simply NOT able to maintain a relationship with beings who do not follow through with their commitments.

– persons who are called to create a long-term home in community.  We welcome beings who are interested in making Lost Valley a long-term home,  and who are or have a plan to be financially stable.


LONG TERM…we are looking for…

***content pending clarity and approval of our new site plan for our home and business ownership structures***

- persons who are interested and capable of building/buying a well-designed green home here (that will interact well with a whole-site design with permacultural considerations).

- persons who are energetic, capable, and have an educational, ecological enterprise they might develop here. 

- persons who are interested making a life-long commitment to education through living in an education center.

Who we are NOT looking for…  

 ~ to be “unconsciously reactive” means to see and act from a place of habitual aversion instead of balanced clarity ~

- persons who are unconsciously reactive to:

  • difference in belief, opinion, or personal values.
  • conflict, disagreement, argument, etc.
  • hierarchy, authority, leadership, elders, etc.
  • government, society, the system, civilization, etc.
  • money, class, power differentials, etc.
  • change (the nature of all things).
in a way that consistently fosters unhealthy patterns of anger, resentment, frustration where there are opportunities for optimism and ways to manifest positive change.

…notice if you reacted to any of the above words… ; )

Thank you from Lost Valley Education and Event Center with it’s 50 + residents of intentional community.

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