Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many people live at Lost Valley?

A: This varies over time, but about 45 to 55 people live here, from babies on up to elders.

Q: Can I do work-trade for room and board?

A: No. While the spirit of work-trade arrangements are much in alignment with the values at Lost Valley, we are not able to support such arrangements at this time. There are expenses associated with housing and feeding people. All resident students and staff pay the expenses associated with living here for rent, site fees, meals, internet, etc. You can learn more about the cost of living here at

Q: Can I move-in with my dog or cat?

A: If there are positions available, yes, but have a “plan B.” We limit the amount of cats to 7, and total number of dogs to 7.  You have to have your dog or cat apply as a resident at the Community Petal.  If the cat or dog is not accepted as a resident, the community may request its departure.  Service/Aid animals are okay.  More domesticated animals = increased animal waste around the land, habitat-loss for certain species, and, in some cases, injured pets or wildlife.

Q: Can I have my own gardening space if I move to Lost Valley?

A: Lost Valley has 2 large gardens that are stewarded by the Garden Manager on the North end of the property. The “Sun Garden” behind the chicken coop is managed by Rick Valley and designed using permaculture principles. There is also a shared garden on the South end of the property in front of a 4-apartment co-housing unit called the Solplex.  These are the only gardens protected on all sides from the local deer (which is usually something you have to do out here).  You can arrange with the Garden Manager to manage your own plot within the fenced perimeter of one of the gardens.  A nominal yearly fee may be required.  If you are interested in creating a new garden plot and associated fence, you’ll go through the Land Steward for approval of your written proposal.

Q: How long will I be a provisional member and what does that mean?

A: Anyone who qualifies can become a renter if their rental application is approved and they are accepted to take an available unit.  Upon first signing of a lease, they become a prospective community member.  After approval at the first Community Interview they become a provisional member. Provisional membership can last up to 12 months. At the end of your first year is a process to be accepted as a full member.

Q: When are rental or other payments due?

A: The first of the month for everything.  We keep to a monthly pace for the payment of rent, payments made toward deposits, payroll, and many other money dealings.  Your written agreements dictate your due dates and late fees when applicable.  Often these agreements are co-created with the Property Manager.

Q: Is a security deposit required?

A: Yes.  All residents and live-in students at Lost Valley must have a security deposit on file to cover any damages or excessive cleaning.  The unused portion is returned after the person departs (like renting an apartment).  For rental units, security deposits are calculated based on the amount of rent for the unit plus an additional $200.

 Q:  How far is Lost Valley from Eugene?

A:  The nearest metropolis to Lost Valley is Eugene, OR.  It’s about 25 miles away and takes an average 30 minutes to get there by car.  Public transportation by bus runs Monday through Friday and will get you from Eugene to Dexter.  Dexter, 2.5 miles away has a convenience mart, a small library, a historic diner, and disc-golf course that borders Dexter Lake.


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